A Slice of Swedish Hospitality

The project, A Slice of Swedish Hospitality, is run under the auspices of Krinova. The project aim is to strengthen the Skåne trademark as a fine culinary and welcoming destination. A Slice of Swedish Hospitality gives tourists the chance to book dinner in a private home.

“In a homely atmosphere, we want to give the visitor a little glimpse of Skåne and we who live here through interesting and informative conversation, new experiences, and many laughs,” says Mia Klitte, Project Manager.

A Slice of Swedish Hospitality is completely in line with market trends in tourism as a genuine experience outside the traditional tourist routes. The visitor can learn more about the destination with local people, which enriches the stay and shows the local soul. The experience includes a meal, so a network is built up between ambassadors and food producers, and their retailers. The ambassadors serve local and/or organic produce and products, and tell their guests about where the food comes from, and how it is produced. The quality of the experience is assured by training the ambassadors in food handling, hosting, organic and seasonal food, culinary traditions, and food and drink combinations. A Slice of Swedish Hospitality allows us to spread knowledge about Skåne cuisine and promote Skåne produce and products. We make the rural area available all year round for visitors who are interested in paying for the added value of getting really close to our region with its beautiful countryside, and with a personal touch.

Financiers and partners

The project is funded by Skåne County Council together with Kristianstad University and several Skåne municipalities – Kristianstad, Ystad with Simrishamn, Eslöv, Söderslätt, Landskrona and Malmö. We collaboration with Smaka på Skåne, Tourism in Skåne, LRF and n:spire, Kreativ Gastronomi.

Want to know more?

Contact person: Mia Klitte, Project Manager, A Slice of Swedish Hospitality

Email: mia@krinova.se