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The Food Hackathon by Krinova 26-28th of January 2018

What do you get when you combine the latest food trends with the latest technological innovations? How could food and packaging help tackle the food industry’s challenges? By 2050, the Earth’s population is expected to reach 10 billion people. Will we be able to feed them all?

A hackathon is usually a gathering of great hackers who want to develop, change and improve an existing system, in a limited period of time. A food hackathon follows the same basic principles but focuses on food and structures within the food business. The hackathon is open to everyone. If you are passionate about food and the future, you are the right person. The main aim is to bring together brilliant minds from around the globe to collaborate and come up with ideas to tackle our food system’s current and future challenges. Whether you’re a partner (link to Partner Package) or a participant, bring your idea and pitch it to the crowd, and get other amazing people to help out during the weekend to bring your idea further. Or join one of the other challenges and start creating the future of food! The ambition is to generate new business ideas and contribute to the building of a sustainable food ecosystem for the future. Prizes are awarded to the winning ideas in four categories: “Most Innovative Idea”, “Idea with the Biggest Impact”, “Idea with the Most Potential” and ”Audience Choice”.

How it works

The Food Hackathon by Krinova begins with a Friday night mingle over some delicious food and inspirational speeches. Now you have the chance to pitch, i.e. present potential challenges to the competitors. After that the teams form up and the work begins. From that point on the participants think, eat, drink and sleep with their full focus on developing their team’s idea. By Sunday afternoon, after 48 hours of exhausting but rewarding work, all the teams present their entries, after which it’s time for the jury to convene and choose the winners. In our opinion, the very fact of working together on these exciting concepts in such unusual and inspiring constellations makes every participant a winner. However, as promised, four teams have to be selected to share the prize money, along with the honour and the glory. After the event, Krinova offers participants a chance to develop their ideas in the Innovation Arena, which provides the support needed to move ahead with rapid development at low risk.

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Elin Carleke

Elin Carleke

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