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IC3B – Innovation Centres Collaborating Cross Boarders


IC3B - Innovation Centres Collaborating Cross Boarders was launched by a group of development and business executives from Sweden, Texas (USA), Mexico, Morocco and Botswana. The KI member countries/regions are at different levels of development. The KI seeks to promote international collaboration among members through capacity building, networking and resource mobilisation. The specific areas to be addressed include:

  • Conducting research and analysis (mapping studies, market identification, value chain assessments);
  • Identifying platforms and partners for funding and capacity building (basic expertise, competencies and access);
  • Facilitating product development and exchange programmes;
  • Promoting information flow among members;
  • Introducing pilot projects or radical innovation ideas;
  • Promoting linkages between small and big farmers and other market players;
  • Creation of assessment  and innovation tools for member organisations; and,
  • Tapping into best global practices.

Responsibility for driving projects lies with individual partners/regions in the network. However, the partners work synergistically, sharing information and ideas on a continuous basis – as well as identifying projects for collaboration. In some cases partners will work bilaterally, while in others they will join hands in mobilising resources from global resource networks as a group.


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