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Green Innovation Governance


Green Innovation Governance

The purpose of the project Green Innovation Governance is to build a sustainable network and to invent projects in common for some or all of the participating countries. The main focus of the project will be:
• Climate change
• Water management

Within the main focus area it´s possible to have a deeper focus on:
• The climate alliance for companies
• Water Innovation
• The green business leap
• Ecosystem services in the business value chain
• Climate services
• Climate adaptation
• Biogas

Krinova Incubator &Science Park is the main partner for the project and the organisation promotes innovation and development from collaborations between companies, organisations, universities and society. The other partners are • Inst. of Physics of the National Ac. of Science of Ukraine – Ukraine • Ligatne Municipality – Latvia • Podkarpacie Country Cluster – Poland • Vidzeme Planning Region – Latvia.

The aim of this project is to improve the capabilities and competences of participating organization when it comes to applying for and participates in projects with transnational partners. The project will also focus on creating projects within the field of water/marine, climate change, biogas and small-scale food production that some of the partners can participate in.

The Swedish Institute finances the project.

KrinovaMILJÖ_Swedish institute


Karl-Erik Grevendahl

Karl-Erik Grevendahl


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