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    Engine for innovation and sustainable growth

    With its base in the local business community, Krinova's mission is to increase the attractiveness and growth for Kristianstad and north-eastern Skåne. In parallel, Krinova has developed a unique regional and national position in the food sector. Today, Krinova is Sweden’s oldest and largest incubator and science park in this sector.

    Let’s create the future
    Krinova’s work doesn’t really have any geographical boundaries. In an increasingly complex world, it becomes more and more important to become part of a larger whole. Every day for the past 20 years, the big and the small have come together through Krinova. We create cross-fertilisation between different operations, which in turn gives rise to growth-enabling lessons to build on. This is how smart innovation for the future and competitiveness for sustainable development is created.

    Create the companies and society of the future together with us!

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    How Krinova creates value

    Krinova offers incubation, innovation, and acceleration support to new and existing companies, which in turn results in the start-up of new companies and the growth of existing ones.

    The support can range from skills development and creating opportunities for collaboration to providing support in funding issues.

    Simply being there when the entrepreneur and the companies need support.

    In the last six years alone, we have supported 600 companies, half of which are food-related companies. Always having the entrepreneur in focus and working closely with the challenges have been success factors. That is how sustainable growth is created.

    Collaboration is key to Krinova

    Network, be inspired and develop. It is the path for broadened networks, new knowledge, and development. With our know-how and network, Krinova is a partner for companies and organisations in food projects locally, nationally, and internationally. Over the years, Krinova has built a meeting place and community of food companies and organisations that in various ways contribute to each other and the way forward by opening doors to attractive contacts and creating synergies and business. Exciting things happen when we build bridges between large and small; the public sector and entrepreneurs. That is how new innovations are born.

    23 times the money in return on investment
    Krinova is largely financed through public funds. It is financed partly through operational funding from owners and partners and mainly through project funding. These projects all aim to create sustainable growth and attractiveness. Every SEK of public funds invested in Krinova during the years 2016 – 2020 has yielded more than 23 times the money in return on investment (public ROI).

    The return is a result of the increased turnover and jobs created in the companies that received innovation and development support from Krinova, thus generating increased tax revenue to the government in the form of corporate tax and social security contributions, as well as to municipalities and the region in the form of payroll tax.


    Impact report 2021

    Frukt och grönsaker är basen i Brain Food. Brain food by Krinova är helt enkelt mat för smarta tankar.


    40% of Krinova AB is owned by Kristianstad Municipality. Another 40% is owned by the municipality’s subsidiary Kristianstads Industribyggnads AB, and 20% is owned by Kristianstad Holding University AB.


    Anders Johansson

    Vice Board Chair, Kristianstad Municipality

    Anneli Orrung Wallin

    Anneli Orrung Wallin

    Boardmember, Pro-Vice-Chancellor

    Eva-Marie Hagström

    Eva-Marie Hagström

    Board member, Head of developement, Kristianstad Municipality

    Håkan Pihl

    Board Member, President Kristianstad University

    Johan Möllerström

    Board Member, CEO Arc Aroma Pure

    Jonas Haak

    Jonas Haak

    Chairman of the Board, CEO Kristianstad Österlen Airport

    Hans Ramel

    Hans Ramel

    Board Member, Chairman of the board of LRF


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    More than 500 companies have received innovation and development support