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    Do you want to take your business idea or company to the next level? Then you've come to the right place. We have a variety of different offers depending on who you are and what you need to move forward. For more than ten years, we have provided innovation and development support to entrepreneurs and businesses, helping them to reach their full potential. In the last six years alone, we have supported over 600 companies, half of which are food-related companies. These companies are also part of communities. Events and meetings offer many opportunities for networking, knowledge and experience sharing. Subscribe to Krinova's newsletter to receive invitations and other news.

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    With the entrepreneur and the individual at the centre, we have developed various offers. Click on our offerings below – Krinova Start, Krinova Incubator and Krinova Scale – to see how we can support you in taking your business idea or company to the next level.

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    Läs mer på foodhack.nu och håll dig uppdaterad i Facebookgruppen Food Hack by Krinova!

    Food Hack by Krinova – an event focused on food, innovation and sustainability

    Does innovation, sustainability and food make your heart leap? Are you passionate about the more sustainable future of food? The Food Hack is an innovation competition and food conference for the global food community initiated by Krinova Incubator & Science Park. The Food Hack brings lots of possibilities to network, get inspiration, challenge, share and collaborate!
    This years Food Hack will take place the 13-15th of March and the theme is Data-driven Food Systems.

    Testbädd / Testbed - Krinova

    Testbed – collaboration and development of new technology and new solutions

    Testbeds are a place for collaboration, where new ideas can be tested as early as the development phase. In a time of ever faster and more complex development of goods and services, testbeds are becoming increasingly important for the development of innovations that are pioneering and taking things to new heights. Through use of a testbed, risks can be reduced and market introduction accelerated as innovations are verified and validated early in their development.

    Together with partners, Krinova has developed testbeds – one for water-related innovations (WISA), and one for liquid and pumpable food products (Balsgård testbed).


    Read more about the testbeds that Krinova offers together with its partners.


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