Join WISA Workshop and discuss challenges related to stormwater sampling

    Are you working with handling pollutants in stormwater or similar water related challenges? Join us in the WISA Stormwater online Workshop 14th October and contribute to a cleaner Baltic Sea.

    The WISA project aims to develop and test new green technologies in a testbed set-up to reduce pollution by stormwater from ports and other large hard surfaces.

    – Last workshop, we had great discussions about solving identified challenges related to stormwater, says Jan Persson, Krinova’s project leader for WISA. During the ongoing work, we have now identified additional challenges that we would like to share and discuss with actors such as private companies, ports or NGOs working with technology handling and/or purification of polluted stormwater.

    Challenges to be discussed at the workshop:

    • Challenge 1: How to avoid total suspended solids and the influence of seawater in stormwater sampling?
    • Challenge 2: What are the best stormwater filtration options? (Under all conditions in different ports); and how can we develop small scale filtration testing before moving to large-scale solutions?

    Looking forward to seeing you!


    14 October 2021

    09.30 - 12.30

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    Application deadline:
    12 October 2021

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