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    Krinova’s profile area is Food – Environment – Health. Within this area, Krinova plays an important role in identifying future challenges for sustainable growth. Challenges that can become new innovations to develop together with the business sector, research and the public sector. Krinova runs several parallel projects within the profile area Food – Environment – Health in order to create innovations, sustainable growth and new job opportunities. The projects also generate a large knowledge bank, experience and valuable local, national and – not least – international contacts and networks.

    The profile area also reflects Kristianstad University’s area of expertise and Kristianstad’s geography and business life.

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    Illustration över Krinovas profilområden, Mat, Miljö och Hälsa. Krinova en viktig uppgift att identifiera framtidens utmaningar för hållbar tillväxt.

    KrinovaFOOD – Sweden’s largest food incubator and science park

    Krinova is Sweden’s oldest and largest incubator and science park with food as its profile area. But, Kristianstad and Skåne also have a long tradition of food-related entrepreneurship that spans the entire chain from raw material production to advanced research.

    Krinova’s food platform has grown during the years that the science park has existed. Through various projects, a vast network of people and companies in the food and beverage industry has developed. Krinova’s community of food processing companies comprises just under 1,500 Skånish food companies, many of which are no more than five years old. Skåne has Sweden’s largest and most buzzing start-up scene for food companies. An exciting industry change is under way where, among other things, primary producers are more keen to refine their raw materials and where new technology opens doors to new business models.

    Krinova offers systematic support to food companies throughout Skåne through the Innovation Arena, with methods and tools for development and innovation. In Krinova’s cross-cluster environment, which operates at the intersection between different cultures, different profile areas like food, environment and health, and between industries such as the manufacturing industry and creative and cultural industries, KrinovaFood contributes to the development of radical solutions for sustainable food production. Food is part of Krinova’s profile area.

    Hannes van Lunteren

    Hannes van Lunteren

    Head of KrinovaFOOD & Business Designer

    KrinovaENVIRONMENT – focusing on water, biogas and green management systems

    Environment is a broad concept that covers everything from the climate issue and environmental technology to chemicals and environmental management systems. Krinova focuses in part on gathering companies around current environmental challenges like the climate and water issues while also boosting the environmental technology sector with a special focus on biogas and water. Here, there is great potential for new innovations for the Swedish and global market. Not least connected to the circular and biobased economy.

    In innovation processes, Krinova brings together expertise from companies, universities and society – meetings that create fresh thinking that leads to new business opportunities. The environment is also an area where Krinova supports locally bound processes that provide new knowledge and that cannot be moved or copied, such as the biosphere reserve, Kristianstad Vattenrike, which is one of UNESCO’s model areas for sustainable development. Water Day is an annual event organised by Krinova that addresses various aspects of water as a resource and the challenges that exist in relation to water issues.

    Personal på Krinova

    Karl-Erik Grevendahl


    KrinovaHEALTH – Public innovation

    The need to define challenges and support innovation development in healthcare, wellness care and school is high and prioritised. There is also great potential for new services and products both nationally and globally. Collaboration between research, the business sector and users is a factor for success, as is idea development, where the areas environment, health and food meet. It is not enough to just work to improve healthcare, wellness care, schools, etc. It takes a change in orientation, ideas from other areas and a larger number of industries, as well as new knowledge and risk taking for something new to develop. There is also a need for entrepreneurially-oriented business designers as leaders in cross-border development work.

    Together with Kristianstad University, Malmö University and Copenhagen Business School, Krinova has developed a new incubator component with skills and capacity to become talented business designers for public innovation. Innovation procurement is an important tool in this work.

    Hannes van Lunteren

    Hannes van Lunteren

    Head of KrinovaFOOD & Business Designer


    There are always many exciting projects under way in Krinova’s profile area Food – Environment – Health. Through the projects, a knowledge bank is built and valuable local, national and international contacts and networks are formed. In addition to projects within the profile area, Krinova also runs a number of development projects in order to provide the best innovation and development support to companies in the Innovation Arena.


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