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    Krinova offers innovation and development support to new and established companies who want to move forward. Here, you get support and tools. With great commitment and access to our large contact network, we give you the opportunity to develop and innovate your business. Whether you are an entrepreneur, researcher or student, we are ready to help you. The support is tailored to your specific needs and challenges.

    Krinovas Business Designers
    Krinova’s business designers work in teams with complementary skills in areas such as finance, leadership, law, innovation strategy, sales, gastronomy, agronomy and food products.

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    It is free of charge and does not entail any obligations. Subscribe to our newsletter, attend our events, or use the support, offers and collaboration that Krinova makes available. The community is open and dynamic, and there are no limitations in terms of geography, industry or focus area. The community is based on respect for everyone’s ideas, knowledge and skills, which is a foundation for creating trust and a functioning innovation culture.

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    Personalbild på de personer som agerar neutralt bollplank med innovations- och utvecklingsstöd för nya och etablerade företag som vill framåt.

    Gårdsfisk is just one of the companies that received support from the Innovation Arena. Hear what Johan Ljungquist has to say about what it has meant to them.

    Who can receive support?

    On behalf of the six municipalities in northeastern Skåne, Krinova’s Innovation Arena offers support to small and medium-sized enterprises in all industries. On behalf of Region Skåne, the Innovation Arena offers support to food and food-related companies throughout Skåne. And on behalf of Kristianstad University, students and researchers at the University are offered incubation and innovation support. Krinova has also developed a number of tools and processes, such as Krinova Growth Process, ToY and TIC. These can also be offered to interested companies outside the scope of the regular assignments.

    Book a first meeting

    Getting started with the collaboration is easy. After contacting us, we will start with a first meeting, where we will discuss your challenges and get to know each other – personal relationships are an important part of successful collaboration. We will then look at how we can best help you achieve your goals. Our business designers work in teams with complementary skills. You will get to work with the designers we think best suit your business.

    Testbädd / Testbed - Krinova

    Testbed – collaboration and development of new technology and new solutions

    Testbeds are a place for collaboration, where new ideas can be tested as early as the development phase. In a time of ever faster and more complex development of goods and services, testbeds are becoming increasingly important for the development of innovations that are pioneering and taking things to new heights. Through use of a testbed, risks can be reduced and market introduction accelerated as innovations are verified and validated early in their development.

    Together with partners, Krinova has developed three testbeds – one for water-related innovations (WISA), one for biogas in a circular economy, and one for liquid and pumpable food products (Balsgård testbed). These testbeds reflect Kristianstad Region’s profile areas and in particular with regard to water, biogas and food products.


    Read more about the testbeds that Krinova offers together with its partners

    See more of our innovation tools: ToY, TIC and Krinova Growth Process. Could this be something for your company?

    ToY – provides new perspective and approaches

    ToY (Team of Young professionals) is a tool for developing new conceptual solutions to societal and company challenges. The model is based on open and challenge-driven innovation. The ToY model is available in different formats that differ in scope and structure.

    The distinctiveness of the model and its success are based on three cornerstones:

    • The development team consists of students or recent graduates with different educational areas and backgrounds, enabling them to shine the light on challenges from different perspectives. The composition of the team is matched to the challenge in question.
    • Teams of less experienced people are more creative because they lack the limitations of experience.
    • The teams are supervised by the Innovation Arena’s experienced business designers, thereby guaranteeing focus, structure and quality.


    See more of our innovation tools: ToY, TIC and Krinova Growth Process. Could this be something for your company?

    Are you curious and want to learn more? We hope to hear from you!

    Truls Bretz

    Head of Innovation arena & Business Designer

    TIC – international competence pool for new concepts and approaches

    With the TIC tool (Team of International Competences), Krinova offers companies and organisations the opportunity to turn challenges within the food industry into opportunities. Like ToY, TIC is based on open, challenge-driven innovation. One of the most important components of the process is the multicultural competence pool, which consists of people with different cultural backgrounds who can contribute food and beverage knowledge from their home country. The teams are matched to the challenge in question, and are supervised by the Innovation Arena’s experienced business designers, thereby guaranteeing focus, structure and quality.

    We are constantly seeking new members for the multicultural competence pool, and at the same time constantly invite new companies to take their challenges further using the TIC tool.

    Are you curious and want to learn more? We hope to hear from you!

    Truls Bretz

    Head of Innovation arena & Business Designer

    Krinova Growth Process for strong innovative force

    Krinova Growth Process strengthens and develops the competencies and skills of both a company’s management and its employees. This gives the company the necessary innovative force and ability to successfully compete in the future. The process is part of the support offered to companies within the context of Krinova’s regular mission. However, the process has been so successful and is in such demand that Krinova is now also offering it to companies and organisations outside the scope of its regular mission.

    The process begins with interviews and dialogue with executive management and employees in order to custom-tailor a programme to strengthen the company’s innovative force and development capability, including globalisation capability. The work is carried out through strategic and practical work together with the company’s management and employees. The programme spans two years and consists of different parts that are adapted to the needs of the company.

    Are you curious and want to learn more? We hope to hear from you!

    Truls Bretz

    Head of Innovation arena & Business Designer

    Food Hack by Krinova – an event focused on food, innovation and sustainability

    Food Hack is an annual event organised by Krinova. 2019 was the fifth year of Food Hack, this year in partnership with the Swedish research council Formas. Food Hack by Krinova is no longer just an innovation competition. It is a meeting place for students, entrepreneurs, researchers – anyone interested in food, innovation and sustainability. The event is largely international. The latest Food Hack attracted participants from nearly 30 different countries. There are different ways to participate. Many choose to participate as hackers in the 48-hour innovation competition and work in teams with challenges related to how food can be produced, distributed, and consumed in a more sustainable way. Others choose to only attend the Food Talk conference and seek inspiration from lectures on sustainability and food as well as the Food Tech Pavilion, an exhibition with the latest in Food & Ag Tech.

    Elin Hansson

    Head of Food Community Event

    Would you like to learn more?

    Read more at and follow us Food Hack by Krinova & FORMAS on Facebook for the latest information on the next Food Hack!

    Companies in the Innovation Arena

    In the Innovation Arena, companies, entrepreneurs, researchers and students are offered innovation and development support – not just those wanting to start a new company, but also existing companies and public organisations. Here are just a few who have received support:

    Aqua-Nova AB


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