Kristianstad Innovation Garden

    Kristianstad is growing. Kristianstad Innovation Garden is a vision for creating an innovation district, a densified urban environment that becomes a magnet for new business start-ups and is driven by innovation. A district that houses infrastructure, buildings, the Kristianstad Vattenrike biosphere reserve, food and water.

    Vision Kristianstad Innovation Garden is built on four cornerstones – innovation, inspiration, passion and faith in the future. Where Krinova as a science park serves as a landing site for new business start-ups and offers a dynamic company environment that contributes to the site’s attractiveness and acts as an engine of growth.

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    Illustration över visionen Kristianstad Innovation Garden

    With a twinkle in its eye, this video looks 20–50 years into the future to see how the Näsby district and the area where Krinova is located could potentially be developed into an innovation district.

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    A unique location

    There are over 650 biosphere reserves (UNESCO) in the world, but only a handful of cities are situated near one. Kristianstad has a unique position, and Krinova – as far as we know – is the only incubator/science park in the world located within a biosphere reserve.

    Water is key in Kristianstad, particularly the city’s Vattenrike wetland area, which has been designated as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. Almost the entire municipality is part of this international model area for sustainable development. Here, conditions exist for making Kristianstad as a city a testbed and experiment environment for outside-the-box, innovative and sustainable development that minimises the urban environment’s impact on the rich and sensitive biosphere reserve that the city and the Kristianstad Innovation Garden district are part of.

    Krinova’s cross-cluster profile area Food – Environment – Health has a natural connection to the dominant nature of the business sector in Kristianstad and the geography’s physical merits. In Kristianstad, there is a long tradition of cultivation, breeding and processing of food products. Approximately 1,600 of the municipality’s 4,800 companies work directly or indirectly in the food industry.


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