A meeting point for people, companies, ideas and creativity

    Krinova is an inclusive place that stimulates the creative meeting, where dynamics are created and ideas arise.

    Krinova’s profile areas are food, environment, and health. You will notice that as a meeting or conference participant at Krinova. Here, we offer an experience in the form of local, healthy and environmentally-friendly food and snacks.

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    En grupp människor sitter runt ett bord och pratar på Krinova i Kristianstad, en mötesplats för människor, företag och idéer.
    Fredagsfrukost på Krinova

    Come to Friday Breakfast!

    Friday Breakfast at Krinova is the meeting point for students, business owners, public officials, and everyone interested in innovation and development. It is a chance to make new contacts, be inspired, and share knowledge and experiences. Some Friday Breakfasts are devoted to mingling, while at others there is a brief presentation by someone at Krinova, tenants, collaborative partners or external lecturers.

    Breakfast is served at 9:15 each Friday to all of the 100+ companies and organisations found at Krinova plus anyone who has purchased a breakfast ticket.

    The breakfast is free of charge for Krinova’s tenants. For others, a breakfast ticket costs SEK 50. Payments can be made by card, Swish or invoice (companies).

    Register no later than Wednesday of the same week by email to info@krinova.se

    Produktionskök på Krinova

    In search of a production kitchen?

    Do you have temporary needs for a production kitchen? Perhaps you would like to try your hand at developing a new product? Hold a cooking class? Or test out some cooking equipment? Rent some time at the production kitchen at Krinova in Kristianstad.

    The kitchen is a small restaurant kitchen with a simple equipment setup, two restaurant refrigerators and one freezer.

    Naturally, the production kitchen fulfils all requirements set for food production premises.

    Book brain food for your next meeting or conference at Krinova!

    Food for smart thinking

    Brain food is really popular among the guests. The concept helps our meeting particpants to stay alert and active all day.
    Brain foos by Krinova is simply, food for smart thoughts. We hace replaced all fast carbonhydrates with nutritious and whole grain and a lot of vegetables, fruits and berries. A energy shot with blueberry, red beets, carrot and almond is top notch. Try it!

    Energy shot with blueberries, red beets, carrot and almond.

    250 grams blueberries
    1.5 litre apple cider
    3-4 boiled red beets
    0.5 litre sweetened almond milk
    33 cl carrot juice
    4 cm grated fresh ginger

    Boil the red beets until soft, peel them and then cut them into small pieces. Pour in the apple cider, carrot juice, almond milk and blueberries. Mix until smooth and flavour with freshly grated ginger.


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