2019 Impact Report – 400 jobs created and 40 percent turnover trend

    10 December 2020

    In 2019, the companies receiving support from Krinova created 400 new jobs and generated a 40% turnover trend over a five-year period.  These are some of the figures presented in Krinova’s Impact Report for 2019, a report that describes the impact of Krinova’s collective operations.

    The impacts presented in the report are the sum of Krinova’s three operational areas and their contribution to business development. Meeting Point with 28,000 visitors to 1,700 activities and over 100 companies as tenants, Profile Area Food – Environment – Health with total project assets of SEK 75 million, and Innovation Arena with an inflow of more than 70 new companies in 2019.

    “The impacts we see when we summarise the 2019 Impact Report are the result of time and long-term commitment. We work together with the companies to create sustainable growth. The support we offer ranges from skills development and creating opportunities for collaboration to providing support in funding issues. Simply being there when the companies need us, especially in times like these,” says Truls Bretz, Business Designer and Head of the Krinova Innovation Arena.

    Krinova offers support to new and existing companies, and the work’s impact is in the form of the start-up of new companies and the growth of existing ones. Each SEK of public funds invested in Krinova’s operations in 2019 generated almost five times the money in return on investment (ROI). The ROI is a result of the increased turnover and of the jobs created in the companies, and thereby the increased tax revenue in the form of corporate tax, social security contributions and payroll tax.

    Krinova’s Innovation Arena offers incubation support to new companies and innovation support to growing companies. The support is offered to all types of companies in northeastern Skåne that have up to 250 employees, to food-related companies throughout Skåne, and to university students and researchers. The Innovation Arena is funded by the Kristianstad Municipality, the municipalities in northeastern Skåne, Region Skåne and Kristianstad University.

    Truls Bretz

    Head of Innovation arena & Business Designer


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