Krinova’s managing director steps down

    14 April 2020

    Charlotte Lorentz Hjorth, Managing Director of Krinova Incubator & Science Park for the past nine years, has decided to leave the company.
    “It is sad to lose the positive force that developed Krinova and shaped our organisation into one of most innovative innovation environments in Sweden. Many relationships and collaborations have been built locally, regionally and internationally, to raise Krinova to the position it has today,” says Pia Kinhult, Board Chair at Krinova.

    “During her years as managing director, Charlotte has developed our organisation and worked with our employees to build it into a powerful, innovation-driving node for the region. This has been recognised, for example, through Region Skåne’s award for ‘Special efforts for the development of Skåne in 2018’, which Krinova received last year,” continues Pia Kinhult.

    During Charlotte’s nine years as managing director, Krinova has gone from 50 companies as tenants in the park to 100. The Innovation Arena that has been built up since the start has provided support to over 500 companies. The project portfolio in the profile area Food – Environment – Health has grown and developed from assets of SEK 5 million to 70 million. Last year, over 28,000 visitors attended one or more of the 1,700 meetings, seminars and workshops organised by Krinova, several of which had an international audience.

    “It was an honour and a benefit to be able to spend my first year as Board Chair at Krinova working with Charlotte. At the same time, I understand that such a driven and talented managing director is bound to get a lot of offers. I want to wish her all the best for the future,” says Pia.

    Charlotte Lorentz Hjorth


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