Nikolas Larsson new acting managing director of Krinova

    18 May 2020

    Nikolas Larsson has been appointed new acting managing director of Krinova AB. Nikolas took over the position on 18 May, replacing Charlotte Lorentz Hjorth. Work is underway to recruit a new managing director.

    “Krinova is a very important organisation for the region that creates growth, relationships and employment and contributes to the development of processes in areas such as food, water and renewable energy. It is with great passion that I take on the task of leading our operations until we have a new managing director in place,” says Nikolas Larsson.

    Nikolas has extensive experience in management roles in the business sector. He held management roles in the food industry for 15 years and was then CEO of Lekolar, a Nordic company for learning environments with its head office in Osby and operations worth billions of SEK in the Nordics.
    He currently works as an advisor to companies as well as within the idea-based sector. Among other positions, Nikolas is the chair of Näringslivsrådet i Kristianstad, board chair of svenska Handbollsligan, Kristianstad Arenabolag AB, and ABA Skol AB, chair and member of bodies within the European Handball Federation, and board member of the Börjesson Group.

    Nikolas Larsson


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