Solutions for a cleaner Baltic Sea

    20 April 2021

    More than 30 participants from Sweden, Finland, Poland and Lithuania, all with an interest in handling stormwater in ports, gathered when Krinova invited to a digital WISA Stormwater workshop.

    – In the initial phase of the WISA project, we have defined several challenges related to sampling of stormwater in ports, explains Jan Persson, Krinova’s project manager for WISA. Challenges that we wanted to share and discuss with various stakeholders working with handling and purification of stormwater.

    WISA (Water Innovation System Amplifier) is a 3-year project that will contribute to a cleaner Baltic Sea by developing and testing new green technologies to reduce pollution by stormwater from ports and other large hard surfaces.

    The Baltic Sea is one of the world’s most polluted seas. More than 45 million tonnes of fertilizer pass through the ports of the Baltic Sea annually, and the handling contributes to the release of fertilizers and nutrients into the stormwater. This leads to eutrophication with extensive algal blooms and dead seabed.

    The well-being of the Baltic Sea is a common challenge that needs to be solved in collaboration and in a broad partnership. Both ports and universities around the southern Baltic Sea, such as Åhus, Gdynia, Gdansk and Klaipeda, are participating in the WISA project. Krinova is a project owner with a coordinating role.

    Jan Persson is very pleased with this morning’s event where a good mix of participants contributed. In addition to project partners, non-profit organisations, foundations, authorities, ports and technology companies from Sweden, Finland, Poland and Lithuania also participated.

    Krinova’s project manager for WISA, Jan Persson and Roberto Zigante from the Port of Åhus discuss the challenges of taking samples in a port environment.

    – We have covered a lot and there have been active participants and good questions and discussions, he says. We wanted to spread our work and at the same time involve external stakeholders for the future. This was the starting point for our continued work, says Jan enthusiastically.

    The WISA project will soon enter the next phase to find solutions to the challenges defined. But first, a spring awaits with sampling of stormwater in the ports around the Baltic Sea. Jan Persson ends the event with a common wish for many coming rainy days! Sun and nice spring weather are wonderful, but rain with flowing stormwater in the ports is needed to be able to make sampling.


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