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    Krinova's profile area is Food. Food is also Sweden's third largest industry and an industry that currently employs 350,000 people. With the unique opportunities and added value linked to environmental and animal care that Sweden and Skåne has to offer, there is great potential for further growth and development of the industry. One of the most crucial factors for growth is innovation.

    Krinova’s profile area of Food contains many dimensions. It is an area strongly linked to several of the UN’s global sustainability goals in Agenda 2030. It plays a central role in public health, and food security is crucial in combating world hunger. At the same time, there are challenges linked to the environment. Food production accounts for a third of the global climate footprint. Sustainable water and energy use are also key issues linked to food production. These are all challenges that can become the basis for new innovations.

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    Krinova – largest and first in food incubation

    Krinova is Sweden’s first and largest incubator and science park with Food as a profile area. For more than 15 years, we have accumulated a unique knowledge and a wide network of researchers, entrepreneurs, financiers, and organisations linked to the food industry. Over 500 food companies, new and established, have over the years been supported by Krinova to grow and strengthen their innovative power and competitiveness.

    Through innovation and development support, Krinova is a local, regional, and national growth engine for a competitive food sector and thus contributes both to Sweden’s degree of self-sufficiency and that the food sector is at the forefront of development also in an international perspective. Krinova works to be a strong voice in Sweden and the Nordic region linked to innovation and entrepreneurship in the food sector.

    Bridges for growth and a sustainable society
    It is in the interplay between the business community, academia, clusters, and innovation environments that the solutions lie. Krinova is a spider in the web and an engine for driving development and innovation for sustainable growth, strengthened competitiveness and new jobs. With our know-how and network, Krinova is a partner for companies in food projects and for food organisations locally, nationally, and internationally. We build bridges between big and small, the public sector and entrepreneurs, and remove barriers to innovation and entrepreneurship with the goal of growth and a sustainable society.

    Hannes van Lunteren

    Hannes van Lunteren

    Head of KrinovaFOOD & Business Designer


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