Craft Go – business development, innovation and cultural history

    Ongoing / Development project

    Craft Go is a project aimed at increasing the number of jobs in self-owned companies, microenterprises and start-ups operating in traditional handicraft and design, and at creating better conditions for the establishment of new companies in the same sector. Focus is on the handicraft sector because there is a clear upward trend among the public, companies and other industries towards increasing demand for and consumption of more sustainable experiences and products of high quality with cultural history and local roots.

    The overall goal of the project is therefore to increase artisans’ knowledge of business development, product development and marketing. This is made possible through 3 subgoals:

    1. Business development and innovation: With partners such as Krinova, Development Centre UMT and the Royal Norwegian Society for Development (Norges Vel), there is cutting-edge expertise in the business sector, business development and innovation.

    2. Product development through cultural heritage and tradition: With the museums’ collections, artisans can develop products and brands by linking the company to cultural history and traditional handicraft.

    3. Method development for effective and structured business development within the cultural and creative sector: By applying and further developing the earlier concept Economuseé Artisans at Work® together with the CraftGrowth process from the preparatory project, Craft Go helps artisans become attractive and sustainable visitor destinations and strong companies.

    Project period: January 2020 – September 2022

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    Niclas Persnil

    Business Designer

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    Interreg Öresund – Kattegatt - Skagerrak

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    Craft Go - företagsutveckling, innovation och kulturhistoria


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