DIDEC – Digital Innovation for Dementia Care

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    Krinova is one of the parties in DIDEC (Digital Innovation for Dementia Care), a project run by Perstorp Municipality. DIDEC aims to improve innovation, competitiveness and growth in life science SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) targeting technology for dementia care through improved methodology for collaborative and challenge-driven innovation in dementia care.

    A dementia care facility, Österbo in Perstorp Municipality, will serve as the testbed. Actors from the entire R&D chain will be invited here for idea and needs generation and to co-create person-centred products based on existing challenges within dementia care.

    The project goal is to develop an operational model for the DIDEC testbed that includes methods for improved collaboration on welfare technology in dementia care.
    In the project, Perstorp Municipality is collaborating with Medeon Science Park, Krinova Incubator & Science Park, Blue Science Park, Kristianstad University, the Dementia Disease Centre of Excellence (Region Skåne), Skåne County Association of Municipal Authorities, and Perstorp Demensförening. There will also be an exchange of experience with the ERUF project Stockholm Digital Care, Västerås and possibly Odense Municipality (Denmark).


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