Projects for sustainable growth and attractiveness

    Krinova runs and is a partner in a number of different projects that, like pieces of the puzzle, contribute to creating sustainable growth and attractiveness. A majority of the projects are connected to Krinova's profile area of food, an area strongly linked to several of the UN's global sustainability goals in Agenda 2030. It plays a central role in public health, and food security is crucial in combating world hunger. At the same time, there are challenges linked to the environment. Food production accounts for a third of the global climate footprint. Sustainable water and energy use are also key issues linked to food production. These are all challenges that can become the basis for new innovations.

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    With its base in the local business community, Krinova’s mission is to increase the attractiveness and growth for Kristianstad and north-eastern Skåne. In parallel, Krinova has developed a unique regional and national position in the food sector. Today, Krinova is Sweden’s oldest and largest incubator and science park in this sector.

    At Krinova, there are always many exciting projects under way in our profile area of food.  A common denominator for our projects is that they all contribute to Krinova’s overall mission to create sustainable growth and attractiveness.


    Krinova’s role as an incubator and science park is to be a catalyst for development and innovation in society, a work that has no geographical boundaries. The projects, current and completed, that Krinova runs or is a partner in all aim to turn innovation into reality and to promote competitiveness and sustainable growth.

    Read more about the projects, search by project name, area and / or ongoing and completed.


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