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    Rent office space at Krinova

    Are you looking for office space in an inspiring environment with many networking opportunities? Then Krinova is the right place for you. Over 100 companies are domiciled here, ranging from sole proprietorships to companies that are part of large groups.

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    Rent an office room or bigger office space at Krinova

    At Krinova, we have office space for small companies and those who need more space. As a tenant of Krinova, you are not alone. You get good neighbours in the bargain. Namely, more than 100 companies who have chosen Krinova as their home.

    At Krinova, we believe in collaborations and that shared knowledge has double the value. That is why tenants at Krinova are offered a wealth of networking opportunities, such as Friday breakfasts. We hope that you, like us, think it is fun to meet and be inspired, get ideas, and make new contacts.

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    Kristofer Kargerot

    Head of economy & facility

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    Ellinor Axenbjörk

    Head of reception

    Companies in our Science Park

    Over 100 companies have chosen to establish in our science park, with all the benefits this entails in the form of networking, invitations to events, and being part of a dynamic environment where there is a lot going on. Using the search function below, you can quickly find the company you want to contact.


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    More than 100 tenants at Krinova

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    More than 500 companies have received innovation and development support