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Foodinova’s partners represent academia, the public and private sector build a comprehensive network for innovation and startup support. Project partners include entities as Swedish Incubators & Science Parks (SISP) representing almost 70 innovation environments throughout Sweden, Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), The Farmers’ National Association (LRF) along with several universities. The broad partnership enables cross-sector collaboration as it connects the partners in a common effort and joint innovation eco-system.

Krinova Incubator and Science Park

Krinova is a broad innovation arena in the sense that all entrepreneurs are eligible for support, become a member of the community and do not necessarily need to make an exit from the incubator. Special areas of focus are food, health and environment.


Inkubera is the Örebro-region incubator owned by Örebro university Holding AB that works with innovative growth apt research and entrepreneurial- based companies as well as spin offs from established companies that amongst other areas, operate within the food-value chain. The companies gain access to Inkubera’s entire offer.


Foodinova is financed by VINNOVA as part of a government initiative to strengthen the competitiveness of actors within the food chain. The initiative pays special attention to efforts within innovation and incubation and is designed to help develop food incubators that enable businesses to more easily go from idea to commercialization.
Foodinova also initiates and gears development projects to expedite the common ecosystem, with shared learnings, tools and methods. Having the same, similar or complimentary goals, these projects are docked into Foodinova and strengthen a cross sectorial co-operation and co-development. These projects are financed by other sources along with the partners of Foodinova.

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