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Greater CPH Food Hack | 26-28th January 2018

Greater CPH Food Hack arrangerades i samarbete mellan Krinova, DTU Skylab och Greater Copenhagen. Greater CPH Food Hack var en 2-stegs raket; hack#1 på Krinova i januari med fokus på idé/koncept följt av hack#2 på DTU Skylab med fokus på prototyper. Årets tema var ”Food as key to citizens health” som inspirerar till att hitta lösningar som bidrar till ett hälsosamt och hållbart livsmedelssystem genom innovation, cirkularitet och resurseffektivitet.

Satsningen är ett initiativ för att positionera regionen som en plats för matinnovationer och ytterligare stärka den internationella communityn kring eventet. Krinova har under ett antal år arrangerat internationellt Food Hacks med deltagare från över 20 länder.

Vad är ett Food Hack och hur kan man delta?

Hacket är en 48 h lång innovationstävling kopplat livsmedel, där du kan delta antingen som tävlande (under hela helgen med start fredag). Eventet är också ett utmärkt tillfälle att nätverka och en neutral mötesplats för alla som har ett intresse av mat.

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Concepts presented at Greater CPH Food Hack 2018 #1 at Krinova, 26-28th January

Apple Girl
We offer an affordable premium packaging material that is eco-friendly and exclusive. Apple leather packaging appears almost as present to yourself and the environment. Apple leather is made of the spillage you get when you make apple juice.

Gotland Truffle Challenge
Truffle Marbles is a product that makes it fun and easy to flavour your food with the fantastic Gotland truffle. This marble melts at the right temperature, so you easily can experience the full flavouring from the Gotland truffle in warm dishes. Truffle marbles are truffe mixed with butter and coated with a gel. Perfect for the aware consumer who love high quality locally produced commodities

Why Supermarkets?
We bring the farmer into the kitchen of the consumers. We are creating a community where consumers and producers can interact with each other through the social platform, which help producers to reach a broader consumer base through the innovative and creative logistical model.

Pouch-eon powered by Allumen
The concept is to serve food in a special package for children using an alga that glows in the dark if you shake it and encapsulate at the front of the package.  Our packaging allows parents to present a storytelling so their children can live the magic moment while consuming the food.

Hack snack
A drink with natural and healthy ingredients that can give an exciting experience for sedentary youngsters.

Exspirit authentica
A way to revive the regional area along with the people’s mind and souls within it. Expirit authentica is experience and experiment for the brave.

App you go (future breakfast)
A solution that can give each individual a meal that is specially made for the needs through an app and a chip that collects information.

Happy Hempy people - Hempy latte
Our concept is about turning a by-product of a local producer to a valuable human food ingredient. When you make hemp oil you get a hemp cake as residue. In this concept, the hemp cake was taken care of and further developed as a hemp-latte and the positive properties e. g high protein content, the organic value make this a healthy drink.

Food confidence
How might we encourage people to be more aware of the food waste that occurs in their kitchen by connecting with a community so people implement a new learning habit.  ”Cook the shot” is a supporting network of food caring people that you can connect with through your smart phones by downloading an app. By making a call you are connected to a volunteer. You will contribute by learning new kitchen habits.

Vertical farming
Growing exotic herbs and spices though vertical farming. With this concept customers can have access to fresh herbs that otherwise come from far away emitting lots of CO2 in the transportation.

The lupineta project
Lupineta as a source of protein for humans. Lupineta could easily be grown in Sweden and for the farmer is god to combine with other plants.

Bio credit
The environmental currency, putting a value to sustainability. Each person is given an equal amount of bio credits. You can buy and sell bio credits but the total amount of bio credits cannot be exceeded.


Elin Carleke

Elin Carleke

Ansvarig Food Community Event

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